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    As a trainer with a voracious appetite for learning everything I can about dogs, training, and teaching, I've read a lot of books. Here are the ones I recommend.

    • Article Count: 7 Canine Behavior
      Canine behavior is a complex and fascinating subject. The more you learn about your dog's behavior and emotions, the better equipped you'll be to provide for your dog's needs and prevent or solve any behavior problems that may crop up.
    • Article Count: 2 Canine Communication
      The language of dogs is complex and can be subtle. Learning to "read" our dogs' body language can help us understand them, their moods, and their behavior.
    • Article Count: 1 Canine Health
      Our dogs' health is important, not just for the sake of our dogs but also because health has an impact on behavior.
    • Article Count: 8 Cooking for Dogs
      Eating healthy is as important for our dogs as it is for us. Commercial dog foods don't always provide the best nutrition and the highest-quality ingredients. For those with the time and inclination to prepare our dogs' food ourselves, these books contain essential information on canine nutrition and home-prepared meals.
    • Article Count: 1 New Dog Owners
      These books have good information for those of you who are thinking of or just got a new dog, whether you're new to dog ownership or not.
    • Article Count: 3 Dog Training
      All of these books promote positive reinforcement training methods, but that encompasses a lot of approaches!
    • Article Count: 5 Fear, Reactivity & Aggression
    • Article Count: 4 Problem Solving
  • Article Count: 9 Recommended Products

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