Dog Beds, Bowls, and Other Necessities

Looking for a dog bed but bewildered by the vast array of dog beds available?

Orvis offers some of the best dog beds I've found (including their famous "Dog's Nest" beds). In fact, they offer so many dog beds of different shapes, sizes, and materials it can be hard to choose! But Orvis solves that problem, too, with their "Dog Bed Selector."

 Check Out the Orvis Dog Bed Selector

The Orvis dog beds we have in our house include:

ToughChew® Dog's Nest (rectangular, X-Large size in Tartan): Orvis ToughChew Dog's Nest with High-Lofting Polyester Fill

Quilted Microfiber Rectangle Dog Bed (Large and X-Large in Autumn Red: these are so comfy I've been known to lie down on them with the dogs!): Orvis Quilted Microfiber Rectangle Dog Bed                 




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