Canine Communication

The ABC's of Dog LanguageAnders Hallgrens’s book “The ABC’s of Dog Language” is the best primer on dog language I’ve found to date. It explores how dogs communicate through body signals and movements, sounds, smells, and touch. With clear text and illustrative photographs, the author explains the nuances of dog language, including body postures, facial expressions, and the vocal language of dogs.

If you only have time to read one book on dog language, this is the book to get. Originally written in Swedish and translated into English by Mogens Eliasen and Pauline Kesteven, “The ABC’s of Dog Language” is currently hard to find unless you go to (Mogens Eliasen’s website) to purchase it.

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Dog to Dog CommunicationBuy Dog to Dog Communication: The Right Way to Socialize Your Dog from

When I first picked this book up at a bookstore, I thought it was “yet another book about dog language.” I’m always looking for primers on dog language, and I’m glad there are so many out there (they’ve helped me further my understanding of dog body language and behavior). But I haven’t yet found “the best” primer on dog language, the book that I can recommend to my clients as the way to learn how to understand their dog.

This book is both less and more than “yet another book on dog language.”

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