Translucent ClickersAs the popularity of clicker training grows, so do your choices as to what type of clicker to use.

I use three different types of clickers, depending on the specific situation.

For most dogs I use the standard “box clicker.” Its sharp sound is distinctive and can cut through most other noises. Of course they come in many colors….

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I-Click clickerFor noise-sensitive dogs, or for clients who have some problems using a box clicker (due to arthritis, for instance), I use the “i-Click” from Karen Pryor Clicker Training. It has a much softer click:

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There’s also the “Clicker+,” a battery-operated clicker that can generate different sounds (ping, trill, click, and chirp) in a softer “indoor” volume level or a louder “outdoor” volume level. This can be handy with multi-dog households if you want to distinguish which dog you’re clicking for. You can have 2 different sounds programmed to toggle back and forth, for easy switching, or select any of the 8 possible sounds to use at any given time. I sometimes use the Clicker+ to mark when my two-legged students “get it right” and use the regular clickers for my four-legged students!

Oops! The Clicker+ is currently undergoing development and being updated, but you can still buy other types of clickers from Karen Pryor Clicker Training Store! Check back for an updated link to the new and improved Clicker+!

Clicker Plus

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