Top Tips from Top TrainersThe Association of Pet Dog Trainers collected "top tips" from their members and assembled them into this neat little book.

Here's an excerpt:

Good communication is the best way to get good behavior. Learn to read your dog's postures, expressions, movements, and vocalizations. Observe ear and tail positions, general body posture (especially "fluid" and "curved" versus "stiff" and "angular"), and facial expressions. Be precise. (Write down "mouth open, panting slightly, tongue hanging out, eyes bright, facial muscles relaxed" rather than "looks happy.") Study videos, books, photographs, and other people's dogs. Notice your own body language and how it affects your dog. Your body says a lot and your dog notices! --Ann Dupuis, Your Dream Dog, Randolph, MA

Oh, yeah, did I mention I have several "top tips" in this book?

I'm in good company, including locally-known trainers Donna Savoie (a student of Emma Parsons and also of mine, and a really good trainer in her own right) and Jessica Janowski and nationally and even internationally known trainers such as Nicole Wilde, Nina Bondarenko, and Sue Sternberg.

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