Better Food For DogsIf you’re interested in switching to a home-prepared diet (or looking for additional recipes) but feeding a raw diet doesn’t appeal to you, this is the book to get. It covers the Why, How, and What of feeding home cooking to your dogs. Special emphasis is put on ongoing assessment of your dog’s diet, through observing your dog and also through blood and urine tests. Recipes are categorized by weight of the dog (four recipes for each weight), with each recipe tailored to the specific nutritional needs for a dog of that size. This is both a blessing (you can know that your 80-lb dog is getting the right mix of calories and supplements) and a problem (there’s no advice given on how to adapt recipes for one weight class to another, or how to handle multi-dog households where the dogs vary widely in weight). The information and recipes in this book are clear and concise and very useful.

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