The Culture ClashThe Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson explores the gulf between what many people think dogs are like (the “Walt Disney” version of dogs, where dogs have a moral compass and are capable of the full range of motivations that humans experience, including guilt and revenge) and what dogs are really like (lovable but innocently selfish “What’s in it for me?” creatures with their own social culture). Topics covered include “Getting the Dog’s Perspective” (Dog Intelligence and Morality), “Hard-Wiring; What the Dog Comes With” (Predatory and Social Behavior), “Socialization, Fear and Aggression” (Biters and Fighters), “It’s All Chew Toys to Them” (Behavior Problems and Solutions), “Lemon Brains But We Still Love Them” (How Dogs Learn), and “Nuts and Bolts of Obedience Training” (Sequences for Training and Proofing).

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