Feeling OutnumberedThis booklet (52 pages in the new expanded edition) by Karen London and Patricia McConnell provides sound advice on how to manage and train multiple dogs. Topics covered include “Laying a Foundation” (life skills to teach the dogs individually and together, such as come, sit or down, and stay), “Getting Practical” (real solutions to controlling your dogs’ behavior, including body blocks, the Group Wait, and the Group Off), “Staying Away From Trouble” (ways to prevent fights and how to handle them if they happen), and “Coming and Going” (introducing new dogs, rehoming dogs if there’s trouble that just isn’t managable). The information and training advice is sound and clear and helpful to anyone with two or more dogs. Highly recommended for any multi-dog household where the dogs don't always respond to direction from their owners or there's any "snarking" or fighting among the dogs. 

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