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In-Home Training and Behavior Consulting

I offer private in-home training, where I teach you how to understand your dog better, and how to teach your dog better manners (and just about anything else you want your dog to learn). 

I approach behavior problems in a holistic way, meaning that we'll be looking at everything we can (health, diet, behavior, environment, training, etc.) and seeing what changes we can make to best help the dog and the family. I especially focus on lowering stress as much as possible -- for the owners as well as the dog. 

I use positive reinforcement training and behavior modification techniques, including:

  • Clicker training and other positive reinforcement training (lure/reward, etc.) to teach the dogs what we want them to do and reward them for it so the desired behavior becomes reliable‚Ķ This includes exercises to promote calmer behavior and teach the dog frustration tolerance and self control
  • Management to prevent unwanted behavior from being practiced (practice strengthens behavior whether it's "good" behavior or "bad" behavior)
  • Behavior modification techniques such as counterconditioning and desensitization to literally change you dog's mind about things that may trigger unwanted behavior (barking, aggressive behavior, counter surfing, jumping up on guests, etc.)
  • Teaching the dog's owners about canine behavior and body language for better understanding and two-way communication between dogs and owners

These are science-based methods that work especially well when solving behavior problems. Understanding how a dog learns goes a long way toward making sure the dog learns what you want him to learn.

The initial consultation is $225, which includes:

  • A pre-consultation questionnaire for you to fill out (the more information you provide prior to our appointment the more time we can devote to solutions during the consultation)
  • Email correspondence to get you started on improving the situation prior to the appointment
  • 2-3 hour initial consultation in your home
  • A packet of information tailored to your situation
  • Phone and email support when you have questions

While many pet dog issues can be addressed in the initial consultation, cases involving multiple behavioral issues, separation anxiety, or aggression usually require additional sessions. Additional sessions (if needed or desired) are $125/90 minutes. Customers who prepay for three 90-minute follow-up sessions get a "package" discount price of $270 (a savings of $105).

Daytime appointments are the easiest to get: evening and weekend appointments are available but limited (and fill up quickly).

My normal range is anywhere within a 30-minute drive of my home in Randolph, MA. Locations that fall outside that range are subject to a travel surcharge ($20 per 15 "extra" minutes one way)


I have been a professional trainer and behavior consultant since 2005. Most of my clients are referred to me by their veterinarians, by veterinary behaviorists, by other trainers or behavior consultants, or by former clients. Some find me through my listings in the trainer directories at the International Association of Animal Behavior Consults website or the Association of Pet Dog Trainers website.

I am an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (ACDBC) with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). I qualified for this certification based on hours of experience (300+)  and hours of coursework (150+), plus an extensive written examination including multiple-choice questions, essay questions, and two written case studies. (Applicants are given 90 days to complete the application, which gives you an idea of how in depth it is). I maintain this certification by continuing my education via workshops, seminars, conferences, and webinars in addition to books and videos from experts in dog behavior and training. I will be applying for my CDBC (Certified Dog Behavior Consultant) once I verify that I have accumulated enough continuing education credits and additional consulting hours to qualify for the full certifictation with the IAABC.

If you'd like an initial consultation, please contact me with a description of the problems you wish to address with your dog.

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